Meet Song (Owner)

Song Academy Owner

Beauty professional Song Buok Wong has created a new beauty school environment based on her unique expertise, which includes training from top beauty institutions in Korea, Texas, California, and Seattle. An artistic personality with a passion for physical beauty and learning, she launched the Song Beauty Academy located in Kirkland, Washington in November 2013 with the goal of providing a diverse atmosphere rooted in hands-on-experience and a management style that puts in focus the finer points of cosmetology.

As someone who takes pride in providing inspirational transformations inside and out for both her students and their clients, Song believes it is sometimes the smallest of details that stay with the client and enhances their experience with a beauty professional. In addition, her knowledge is further enhanced by her combination of Asian and American beauty treatment techniques for all hair and skin types – a skill set that enables Song to provide an atmosphere for the students to obtain career positions in a variety of cultural settings. Since the opening of Song’s Beauty Academy, the first four graduates who obtained their cosmetology licenses were immediately placed in career positions. After graduation, Song makes it a mission to continue to mentor her graduates and follow their careers.

“I love watching the students learn,” says Song. “When I see them interact with clients for the first time it’s like I’m starting a new life all over again.”

Starting over is something Song knows all too well. Proving herself to be a resilient woman, she’s made it a mission to overcome her own personal obstacles in order to assist others in accomplishing their dreams. After a car accident interrupted her own cosmetology career, Song decided to restart her beauty training after moving to Seattle and quickly became head of her class. It was her instructors who suggested she open her own academy due to the “courage, patience, and attention to detail” she displayed in interacting with fellow students.

Song’s desire is that these same skill sets will be instilled in the students in her school in addition to the basics of hair and aesthetician services while maintaining a familial ambiance founded on team work, positive attitude, and limitless potential.

“This is a lifetime job if you want it. You don’t have to be young, there’s no cut-off time. We’re here for whomever wants to change their life. The gate is open. It’s about never giving up.” – Song Buok Wong.