Hair Design Program


Hair Design Program: (1400 hours, $6,300)

At Song’s Beauty Academy, the hair design program is dedicated to teaching thorough and extensive knowledge in all areas of hair design. The program is dedicated to creating successful and knowledgeable hair designers who will experience an incredible career in this field after graduation.

The program offers comprehensive education in many subjects, including (but not limited to): Haircutting, Hairstyling, Chemical Texture, Hair Design, Haircolor, Extensions, Anatomy, Electricity, Chemistry, Infection Control and much more.

Not only will the students be educated in the theory of these subjects, but they will gain extensive hands-on experience while practicing on real customers until competency is achieved. The one-on-one attention between instructor and student expands the students’ learning quickly.

We are so excited to help you begin a fulfilling career in our industry!

 Contact us to schedule a face-to-face meeting and tour of the school for further details! Full-Time and Part-Time available!

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